Protective Screens - Covid-19

As the world starts to ease the rules around lockdown,  the agenda for organisations will now be to look at ways in minimizing the transmission of the virus at work.

In light of this, our skilled team are now installing a range of Personal Space Management products including Protective Screens, designed to be retrofitted into current commercial spaces. The screens contribute to the practise of social distancing without the occupier having to physically change the layout of the workplace.

The Product 

These Protective Screens have been designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK.

There are two versions of this product to suit different environments: • Hygienic Desk Protective Screens  • Standalone Partition Screens

The screens are available in standard sizes but are fully configurable to suit any space, in order to compliment the current design. Standalone Partition screens are an ideal solution for vending machine, touch screen and self check out areas

The partitions can be manufactured to suit any area with a wide range of finishes and panel options including glazed, solid and any combination of both. When specified, the frames can be coated in an anti-bacterial coating to provide extra protection. The cubicles will be tailored specifically to meet government guidelines on social distancing measures. 

High quality, durable and affordable.

Currently the office partitions emerging in the market are manufactured using plastic, this temporary solution can gain a milky consistency and is susceptible to scratches. With the uncertain nature of Covid-19, social distancing could be a practise maintained for a few years and so we have formed a partnership with a supplier that provides a framed glass solution. The choice of glass over plastic means our customers are offered a product that is higher in quality, more durable yet still affordable. Adding to this, glass can be regularly cleaned without acquiring scratches and ‘milky’ consistency which plastic is susceptible to.

Personal Space Management Solutions | Why us?

Immediate solutions to reopen a workplace or place of business • Flexible products which be modified or adapted depending on the space layout • Temporary & Permanent robust solutions • Easy to clean and maintain on a frequent basis • Choice of finishes subject to application • Readily available • Aesthetic design options for corporate requirements • Products are designed & made from Aluminium • Antibacterial paint finish options • Glass • Laminate faced panels.


We have solutions available within 3 –5 days. Our skilled projects managers can assess your workplace and provide a tailor made solution, that meets Health & Safety requirements for your staff.

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